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From Tiny Seeds to Big Blooms: Growing Dahlias from Scratch

Dahlias, with their vibrant colours and dramatic blooms, are a gardener's delight. But did you know you can grow these beauties from seed, not just tubers? It's a rewarding experience, allowing you to explore unique varieties and witness the magic of life unfolding. So, grab your gardening gloves and let's get started!
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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Cut Flowers

Bringing fresh-cut flowers into your home is an instant mood booster, but seeing them wilt quickly can be disheartening. With a few simple steps and some homemade flower food, you can extend the life and vibrancy of your blooms significantly. Read More…

Website now live

Well it has finally happened the Our Mountain Garden website is now live. Whilst it is rather sparse at present more content will be added over the coming months.

Stay tuned.